How to defeat Anshal


  • The three Djinn Anshal, Nezir, and Rohash are on separate health pools, unlike most council fights. You will need to kill the last one within 60 seconds of the first one’s death, or the dead ones will resurrect with full health. And likely Berserk soon after that.
  • Each Djinn occupies a different platform. Traveling between the platforms is possible due to the strong winds that connect the north/middle platform with the other two. Note that there is no direct transportation between the east and west platforms.
  • The Conclave’s members have 90 energy each. They regenerate it at a stead rate throughout the fight, and when they hit 90 – which happens at the same time for all three of them – they cast their ultimate abilities. While they channel the ultimates, transportation between the platforms is not possible.
  • You will want to split your raid before engaging the Djinn. Anshal and Nezir will require a tank each; Rohash can be tanked by any DPS. Each platform will require healing as well – you can split your healers evenly. As far as DPS goes, you want no DPS on Nezir (initially), your casters on Anshal, and your melee on Rohash. If you can’t split your DPS evenly between Anshal and Rohash, put more on Anshal and swap mid-fight based on casualties.
  • Your basic goal will be to burn Anshal and Rohash initially, while slowly dpsing Nezir when grouping up for ultimates. Anshal, especially on normal mode, is a breeze compared to dpsing Rohash, so it will most likely pull ahead on DPS at first, later falling behind as it heals during the Ultimate. When Nezir is low enough after several ultimate phases, coordinate Anshal and Rohash’s deaths, then have the raid hop back to Nezir’s platform and blow Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp before the minute is up and the Djinns Gather Strength.



  • Anshal resides on the western platform. His abilities are life- and nature-based.
  • Soothing Breeze will cause Anshal to drop a healing circle on the ground. If the Djinn – or the adds he summons – stands in it, he will heal up. If your raid members stay in it, they will be pacified and unable to attack/cast.
  • Nurture will summon 5 Ravenous Creepers around Anshal. They have an aura that stacks a DoT on all nearby players, so you want to kill those quickly – and preferably from afar. They can be kited and slowed.
  • Zephyr is Anshal’s ultimate. He will teleport to the center of his platform and channel this spell, healing himself and any adds remaining (hint: there should be none), as well as increasing his & their damage by total of 225% for 15 seconds. Survival CDs immediately after this ultimate are strongly recommended, especially if you have adds still up. A hunter with Aimed Shot during the ultimate is helpful to reduce healing taken.
  • If, at any time during the fight, Anshal finds himself alone on his platform, he will channel Withering Winds, which will quickly wipe your raid.


  • Nezir resides on the northern – middle – platform. His abilities are frost-based.
  • Nezir will drop a patch of Ice Patch on top of a random player’s location. The patches will do damage and slow you down, so move out of them quickly.
  • He will also cast Permafrost, which deals damage in a cone in front of him for 3 seconds and leaves an ice patch when he is done. Don’t be there unless you are a tank.
  • Wind Chill is a stacking debuff that causes all players on Nezir’s platform to take more and more frost damage.
  • Sleet Storm is Nezir’s ultimate. He will do damage to everyone on his platform, splitting the damage evenly. The raid should group up and healers pop cooldowns.
  • If, at any time during the fight, Nezir finds himself alone on his platform, he will channel Chilling Winds, which will quickly wipe your raid.


  • Rohash resides on the east platform. His abilities are, well, wind based.
  • Slicing Gale is Rohash’s standard attack. Since he doesn’t melee, he will simply spam this.
  • Wind Blast will make Rohash face in a random direction, and blast everyone in front of him off the platform. It will take him several seconds to cast Wind Blast, so stay close to the boss and move behind him when you see the preparatory cast begin.
  • Hurricane is Rohash’s ultimate. He will toss all players on his platform in the air, causing them to take damage over the duration the spell, as well as falling damage at its end.
  • If, at any time during the fight, Rohash finds himself alone on his platform, he will channel Deafening Winds, which will quickly wipe your raid.

Since this fight is all about coordination, here is an efficient way of dealing with the Djinn’s ultimates. When all three members of the Conclave reach 80 energy, you will see an ingame raid warning, informing you that they are nearing full strength. At this point, you want to do the following:

  • Anshal: Tank & Healer(s) switch places with Tank & Healer(s) from Nezir’s platform. All DPS goes to Nezir, burns him for the duration of the ultimate, and then goes back to Anshal.
  • Nezir: Tank & Healer(s) switch places with Tank & Healer(s) from Anshal’s platform. There should be no DPS on this platform prior to the ultimate, and there should be no DPS here after the ultimate.
  • Rohash: All DPS goes to Nezir’s platform – and comes back after the ultimate. One healer as well as a dps with defensive cooldowns or slowfall stays to make sure he doesn’t channel his Soothing Winds.

The reasoning behind this strategy is simple. Everyone on Nezir’s platform will take increasingly more frost damage, so you want to give people a chance to drop their debuff – hence the tank/healer switch. Again, Nezir’s ultimate does damage split between all raiders on the north platform, so you want as many people there as possible. And you want to leave one healer on Rohash’s platform, because whoever stays there will need healing to survive the ultimate.



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